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Choose your pricing plan

  • Personal Coaching

    Every month
    Finding Direction and staying the course
    • Goal Coaching (2) 1 hour sessions a month
    • What is Holding you Back
    • Goal Tracking & Accountability
    • Journaling to stay on track
    • Weekly 20 min check in's to check progress
  • Social Media Consult

    What is Working & What is Not Working For You
    • 2 hour strategy session
    • What steps you need to take
    • What is costing you more outsourcing or inhouse
    • What kind of talent to hire
    • Why marketing & advertising budgets matter
    • When to hire someone
  • Silver Membership

    Every month
    Consulting and Coaching
    • Consulting on Actions needed to get to the end result
    • Coaching (2) one hour sessions
    • 45 min Follow up on what achievement's or set backs.
    • Achieving a positive mindset
  • Individual Coaching

    Finding your fountain of joy require a little help.
    Valid for 5 weeks
    • 1 hour Session per Week
    • Spiritual Direction ( Optional)
    • Finding you why
    • Where you want to be verse where you are
    • Journaling your steps
    • Create achievable goals
  • Digital Brochure

    Every month
    When you want to stand out and not sure how
    • Content Creation and Layout
    • Converting project to online flipbook for your clients
  • Special Projects

    Every month
    Short term only Projects
    • Special Projects
    • Brochure Creation & Design with One Revision $50 each after
    • Social Media content design and upload One Revise $20 add
    • Call for more details
  • Consultation

    Not sure what you are needing lets chat to help you find out what I can guide you to.
    Valid for 7 days
    • Consultation
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